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Justice Served Continued

But for every individual helped by Mr. Amodeo tens of thousands in the federal system and hundreds of thousands in the state systems flounder aimlessly, becoming embittered and desperate by collateral punishment unforeseen by their imprisoning authorities.  And, although Justice Served shall periodically address these concerns, this publication is principally concerned with the process and correction of erroneous and illegal criminal convictions and criminal sentences.
In this context, Mr. Amodeo has through a variety of measures – administrative, pretrial, post-conviction, etc ... – assisted nearly a hundred persons with sentence-corrections that have saved them more than 177 years of life and, not incidentally, saved the taxpayers more than $5,200,000.  Even more significantly, Mr. Amodeo’s developing cases and policy recommendations have the possibility of preventing innumerable number of unneeded years of imprisonment and billions of dollars in otherwise wasted tax revenues.

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Sentences Corrected